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Intel: Dedicated ‘Tablet’ Silicon Coming at Computex

Posted on 24 May 2010 By Steve Chippy Paine

moolyeden1 In a press conference today, Intel presented their processor range for ultrathin laptops. Naturally, many of us want to know if the processors will reach down into the tablet space so I put the question forward to Mooly Eden (right.) It was given a surprising answer. Intel will disclose a special tablet solution at Computex.

Here’s the question and Mooly’s answer as an audio file.

Click to play the audio segment.

I can only assume that Mooly is talking about something in the ‘Atom’ family of processors. This could be Moorestown, Moorestown-W or perhaps, something completely new. We’ll find out next week.

29 Responses to “Intel: Dedicated ‘Tablet’ Silicon Coming at Computex”

  1. Oh,
    So the commentary statement was very clear, we should see some new tablet processors.

  2. omel says:

    I’ve read a lot of internet rumors about Windows 7 tablet. Will these Intel tablets run Windows 7?

    Windows isn’t really made for tablets/touch and unless Microsoft is secretly brewing a new specialized Windows 7 tablet edition. The old tablet PC software can’t stand up to the likes of the iPad or Notion Ink Adam.