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Huawei S7 Android Tablet Ordered. Expected Here Soon.

Posted on 26 June 2010 By Steve Chippy Paine

huawei s7 Following a slight set-back on a UMPC product that was due to turn up today I’ve decided to order something else to take my mind off the pain. It’s the Huawei S7 Android tablet.


Because this device impressed me at Computex. It’s the first 7” Android tablet to ship with a complete Google-certified Android build on it. That means Marketplace and Google-app-goodness unlike the disappointing experiences I’ve seen with the Archos 5 and 7, the SmartQ7, the Compaq Airlife and the tens of others tested at various trade expos over the last year. I’m not 100% sure that what I saw in Taipei is what I’m going to see after the unboxing (the ultimate shock will be come if it doesn’t have the Marketplace) but I’m fairly confident that I’m getting a capacitive 7” 3G/voice-enabled Google-approved Android device. It’s the finer points that I’m not sure about like GPS, upgrade to 2.2, battery life etc. Still, on a business purchase I’ve just paid about 270 pounds which I think is great value for this hardware.

Did I buy it for me? Not really although this could seriously become the coffee-table PC that the iPad was for a week when I had it. With SD cards that you can write to it will be the perfect image viewer. It’s no retina screen but will do a great job of showing a web page without having to zoom. It doesn’t have the book content that the iPad has yet but when Amazon’s Kindle application comes along, this will make a better reader than the iPad. How about that one-handedness? Only 500gm too! I really want to see if there’s a docking port/cable/accessory and if it has an electronic compass and GPS, Google Sky Map will be incredible. The main reason I bought it is to continue my testing with mobile operating systems on larger form factor devices. We’ve been through the Airlife 100 and the Dell Streak so now it’s time for something in the middle.

Do you remember Origami? The 7” slate devices were initially marketed at the young social user and were said to have a price of $500. When they appeared on the market they were $1000 and lasted for 3 hrs maximum before needing a charge. The UI was productivity and pen focused and there was no such thing as Twitter. The Huawei S7 is the Origami device done right….i think!

Delivery is due in just over a week but don’t hold your breath. Expansys have a habit of slipping dates so it could be a few weeks! Whatever happens, when it turns up you’ll find an unboxing here within hours. We’ll also run a live Q&A session for you too so you can come and see the device and ask questions.

Expansys UK order page is here [This is not an affiliate link and this article/purchase is unrelated to any Expansys advertising that you might see on UMPCPortal or Carrypad.]

29 Responses to “Huawei S7 Android Tablet Ordered. Expected Here Soon.”

  1. chippy says:

    Did anyone else here order one? Let us know why.

  2. stoked says:

    Keeping my eye on it but will wait for reviews. Would have preferred no 3G modem and lower price. Expansys product page has some errors like “no multi-tasking”. I think your video review mentioned capactive screen but some other sites online said it’s resistive, can you confirm? I’m hoping the Samsung Tablet will have a non 3G option, the specs on that tablet look pretty nice.

  3. 68guns says:

    Looking forward to it Chippy. You, JKK and Charbax do a great job. I’m looking for a 5″ or 7″ that performs like my N800 for $200. Hopefully that dream will become a reality. If only the N800 had a true 5″ screen…sigh

  4. Alslayer says:

    I probably won’t get one since I already have an Archos 7. But I can’t wait to see the live session.


  5. john says:

    Great to hear you are getting one Chippy, im only waiting on a review before spending any money on one and I trust your judgement on these things explicitly.

    It looks to be a very similar form factor to my beloved SmartQ 7, but with a capacitive screen, a cortex v8 cpu (the possibility of frodo and flash should be high) and easy 3G. Multi-touch would be nice and since expansys state that Android isn’t true multi-tasking, they could have just left this out – hopefully.

    So everything I want in a device to update the specs on the Q7. Unless there are some major show stoppers this looks like the current gadget to get!

  6. Byron says:

    Cant wait for your review. I really like a capable tablet and Im pretty familiar with the Anroid OS. Lets just wish that someone can port Froyo into it.

  7. Chippy says:

    I was pretty sure that it was capacitive when I tested it in Computex but they might have changed the specs. I’m taking a risk for you guys 😉

  8. Chippy says:

    But the N800 is ARM11-based so the Smart Q7 with Android 2.1 should perform to the same level.

  9. Chippy says:

    This looks for perform a lot better than the Archos 7 and with marketplace, should provide a better application experience. Nearly double the price though, one would expect so!

  10. Paul Gamble says:

    What must it have for me to buy ?

    All UK GSM and 3G bands
    GPS / A-GPS
    2mp or 3.2mp camera – earlier review said the latter … but everything recently suggests the former
    Capacitive single touch at least – below and other reviews say resistive, but say production release will have single touch capacitive or option of .. maybe a regional thing. Don’t want stylus on something this size.
    Non white back ? Appear to be red and white ones – below is red … video shows white (which may not be good from fading / yellowing perspective)
    2.2 Froyo upgrade or the subsequent one that is apparently targeted at tablets ? One article said Huawei had committed at least a 2.2 update but wouldn’t say when – a name wasn’t given. The post 2.2 version of Android is supposed to be tablet targeted so it would be a shame if there was no commitment here.
    Docking station … ? what is it, when will it be available, does it offer TV Out / HDMI … can TV out be done via Micro USB / 3.5” socket ?
    video showed pre-prod version had 2USB, stereo audio and video jacks, HDMI, power and a slot in remote – looks good
    Internal memory … must be some … for OS etc
    Android install to SD … if no extra internal memory, how can we install new apps to it ?
    Some sort of screen protector ? Really needs to cover whole front except touch dpad
    Some sort of case
    Voice / hands free over GSM (rather than VoIP)
    Use of native Android UI … in case I don’t get on with the Huawei UI

    If above all positive … I think I will get one. Will make a nice device have on the desk all the time that I can also take away from big screen browsing, video, you-tube, doc browsing, eBook etc.

    I’m not comfortable with Expansys .. never have been. Positive news is that Clove are going to stock and they are visiting Huawei next week with my questions … so hopefully we will get definitive answers.

  11. Paul Gamble says:

    I also had a dialogue with Huawei in Basingstoke via email. Their initial response was Expansys have specs (big worry) and will have stock in August (classic Expansys then).

    Lots of references going back to Computex / WMC / Qualcomm etc inc the Carrypad one. They are mostly contradictory and I think this is because Huawei are cagey about the finished device (particularly the display and internal memory.

    Without internal memory, no apps can officially be installed .. a hack is required for Android … one site said it had 4GB … but back then it also saw Android 1.6. Some say 1Ghz, most 768Mhz … one video shows the excellent dock mentioned above.

    The following are my references. The first is an excellent 8 page Chinese review (google translates well) :

    mobile zol com cnS178S1786908 dot html


    You Tube – Several video reviews
    Others I’ve removed because it doesn’t appear urls can be posted here.



  12. Paul Gamble says:

    for the chinese url replace space with dot and S with slash


  13. stoked says:

    Thanks Chippy! Very interested to see your thoughts on this device. What happened to that Huawei press conference for this device? I thought it was supposed to be on the 24th but I haven’t found any articles about it.

  14. Mike Cane says:

    But this doesn’t have the Archos PMP software. You’ll be stuck with MP4/3GP video. Ugh!

    And it’s not “retina screen.” It is Retina Display. You need Apple Marketing remediation!

  15. codedivine says:

    Not ordering till we get your review.

  16. rudy says:

    Been looking forward to this, def going to wait for a review. Seeing it at 350 for the U.S is a price that can’t be missed.

  17. Dan says:


    I do believe its a resistive screen. The people over at engadget have always said its resistive. It fooled them as well a first.

    I have to think this is the same device that was at Computex and they just did an amazing job with a resistive screen.

    If that is the case then it does offer some positives like being able to use a stylus. This will only be a positive if it is infact the same device at Computex.

    However I would look at this as a very good thing. If true it fooled both you and engadget which would be very impressive for a resistive screen.

  18. Steve says:

    £270? Where? It’s nearly £300 at eXpansys UK.

  19. nev310 says:

    the snapdragon chip set has the 3g and gps integrated so you will not have a snapdragon device with out them unless they are disabled. the snapdragon is the whole chip set the scorpion is the 1ghz cpu or 768 mhz in this case. there is also a 600mhz dsp and GPU is AMD Z430. the snapdragon chipset also has wifi and bluetooth

  20. Insert Name Here says:

    So, as predicted the release has slipped at eXpansys UK until at least the 13th of July…

    Also, is this really exclusive to eXpansys? I’ve also seen it for sale at Clove Technology, eBay and Handtec now.

    More rubbish from eXpansys?

  21. Liam says:

    Argh, want one of these so bad, but a few things I want to know first (hoping your review will cover these)

    Phone calls – can it also be used as a phone? Looking to use this to replace my E71, I don’t mind using a bluetooth set if needed, but need a phone

    GPS – does it have this? If not does it have bluetooth that can handle a gps unit?

    Will it get 2.2? Really want to be able to view flash sites

    What is the battery life? As a phone? As a tablet? As a PMP?

    Where can you get it for £270?

    Anyway, sure your review will cover all this, just hoping and waiting now… Looks loads better than the dell streak for the price – esp as even the dell isn’t really practical as a pocketable phone, so may as well go all out and have a bit more real-estate to view web on.

    And to think I was considering buying an Eken…!

    Cheers – anyone else got other things they are hoping the review will cover? Or pointers to other reviews? Be good to see if/when the specs are set in stone.

  22. Liam says:

    Another good review with interview with their UK rep here:

  23. admin says:

    Indeed. A resistive touchscreen that good would be OK for me. Not too rugged though.

  24. Dan says:

    found this review but its in Russian you can translate it on Google however its not the best translation.

  25. Sebastian says:


    has anyone received it by now? I’d be really interested. Expansys is still listing it as “will be shipped within 14 days”. This looks like a moving target again 😉

    best regards,

  26. Chippy says:

    I was told by Expansys that it would ship on the 13th but you never know. The buyer might just be putting a random date in the system.

  27. Mike says:

    eXpansys, the liars, are now saying 1st-5th of September!

  28. I am very seriously considering buying one but they still haven’t release it yet? I think you may have got your dates wrong.

    Its probably the best looking device on the market as it is clearly not copying the Ipad like all the others, especially this new Samsung Galaxy Pad. Was the screen responsive?

    Thanks RombleTomble.

    P.s love the kickstand, sold it for me.

  29. Ardent says:

    Yes, until this moment. I also still didn’t get it from eXpansy.
    Does someone get one from thewm?