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MeeGo Phone (Aava / Moorestown) Arrived

Posted on 07 July 2010 By Steve Chippy Paine

Just a quick post because I need to get away for an appointment this afternoon. For the next 48 hours i’ll have the Intel Moorestown-based Aava prototype phone. It’s a development platform running MeeGo core and an alpha-quality UI so don’t expect miracles here but I can see that at least Wifi and the browser are working so there’s at least something to demo. Stay tuned for a video look at the user interface, a few apps and maybe a look at the device from the command line. All coming up over the next 48 hours.

7 Responses to “MeeGo Phone (Aava / Moorestown) Arrived”

  1. Nicole says:

    Srsly. . .


  2. nowadroidfan says:

    Looks like an iphone. But its probably a lot better.

  3. Waiting anxiously for the videos and demos and post and everything good that will come from these 48 hours 🙂

  4. JFH says:

    Take your time & hurry up!

  5. shaurz says:

    Can it run Windows? (not that you’d want to)

  6. klimu says:

    It runs WOW and Doom 3

  7. Dj.cicho says:

    Everything looks like an iPhone these days, ha ha. Can’t wait for video. Watch football and give us more details tomorrow. Hope it is “iPhone killer’s” killer!