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Samsung Galaxy Tab Gets Teaser Video, 1st Place.

Posted on 24 August 2010 By Steve Chippy Paine

An official Samsung video for the Samsung Galaxy Tab has surfaced and wow, I didn’t think things could get so exciting for the 7″ space! The Samsung Galaxy Tab has shot to #1 on Carypad so it’s looking like this could be the highlight of IFA for most people. We’ll be on the ground at IFA but not in time for the press release. We expect to get hands on in the evening of the 2nd Sept at the Showstoppers event. We’re excited to see 2.2, and ‘Full Web Browsing.’ Stay with us!

Check out the video and breakdown along with a ton of comments at Engadget.

Samsung Galaxy Tab gets official teaser video — Engadget.

7 Responses to “Samsung Galaxy Tab Gets Teaser Video, 1st Place.”

  1. says:

    not exactly A4, but i guess it could handle such a sized pdf if need be.

  2. Joe says:

    7″… Too big for a mobile phone, too small for a tablet. To big to pocket around, to small to browse for hours. I can’t see where this fits in anywhere, and there are so many 7″ devices already. No way, no how. Go 10″!

  3. Alslayer says:

    I want it. 7 inch is the perfect size. I had a Samsung Q1 and it was my favorite device ever. I wonder what the reviews will say.

    I might be first in line for this device.

  4. rabs says:

    I wonder why some people have the same argument as Joe. Maybe they live in a warm country or always carry a backpack…

    7″ is about paperback size, a very popular format for novels/mangas (almost the only one here, bigger sells very little). It’s sized for jacket pocket (or “small” purse in summer). No wonder why it’s so popular for always carried e-readers & tablets…

    9-10″ is a good size for a smartbook/netbook (or convertible). The keyboard is reasonably sized and don’t add much weight.
    I can understand some people don’t need one, because they don’t touch-type, so on-screen makes about no difference.

  5. Doe says:

    Too stupid to see the obvious.

    Most people can see the advantage of a 7inch device like this. They certainly dont care about your ignorant attitude.

  6. Guy says:

    I think until you have used a 7″ device it would be easy to think it can’t fit in your life anywhere.

    However once you have used one, you may just wonder how you ever lived without one. I’ve spent many hours browsing on a Viliv X70 and the experience was actually very good.

    For me, this is the only Android tablet right now that looks well rounded enough for mass uptake. Roll on IFA.

  7. Mike says:

    Now this looks better than the iCrap!