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SmartQ T7 Android Tablet plays 1080p H.264, MKV, WMV HD, DivX (Video Demo)

Posted on 29 August 2010 By Steve Chippy Paine


The video below speaks for itself. This test based on new SmartQ T7 [info] firmware I received from today. (SmartQT7-3G_AD_V1.0)

The application used was Act 1 Video Player and clearly it’s using hardware acceleration. I’m impressed. You?

SmartQ T7 information page.

SmartQ T7 Live Review.

9 Responses to “SmartQ T7 Android Tablet plays 1080p H.264, MKV, WMV HD, DivX (Video Demo)”

  1. Android says:

    Wow, I’m impressed. Does video acceleration work with any video player on Android or just this Act 1 player? Since the SmartQ V5 uses the same chipset, do you know if video acceleration is now supported on that device?

  2. chippy says:

    Could be. I think the V7 and V5 with the Telechips CPU will perform as well but it depends on the f/w availability for these two devices. I dont have these two devices. Sorry.

  3. Adam says:

    Does this new version provide any noticeable improvement in web browsing and general video acceleration around the ui?

    Any changes in the “not working” bits from your original review? Still 2.1 yes?

  4. Vladimir says:

    Hi Chippy!
    Videos look great!

    Can you please test Nook for Android, and check if pdf reading has improved?

    Web browsing I figure is good enough while using Opera.

    Is there commitment from SmartQ for Android 2.2 ?!

    Can you try side load the Android Market to see if it allows for installation of more than one app?

    All the best

  5. 68guns says:

    Nice! Now if they can get the web browsing experience a bit faster they may have a winner. Also did you notice that at the end of the video the audio wasn’t matched up to the video…a commom problem for android players i hear.

  6. Buyer says:

    Is a good place to buy Smart Devices electronics? I’d like to get a SmartQ V3 or V5 but I’ve never heard of before.

  7. Hongky says:

    Hi Chippy,

    How do you compare SmartQ T7 against Wits81E ?
    Video playing, ebook reading, games, web browsing and overall impression ?
    Which one a better device ?


  8. Walter Dunn says:

    I just received one from, however, it didn’t work correctly. Repeated emails over a week and absolutely no response. So, my suggestion based on my experience is to stay away from

  9. chippy says:

    What is the problem with the device?