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Galaxy Tab Live Open Video Review, Q&A Friday 15th. (2100CEST)

Posted on 14 October 2010 By Steve Chippy Paine

Galaxy Tab - 7 Thanks to Techdepot who reached out to us yesterday we’ve got a Galaxy Tab in our hands. Well we think it’s a Galaxy Tab – we haven’t opened the box yet!

Expect an unboxing video later today and then at 2100 CEST (Berlin time) [Update: Live session postponed until Friday, 15th] lets sit down together and go over the device in detail. We’ll turn the cameras on the device and give you a chance to watch some detailed testing. We’ll also have a chat channel open for Q&A as we go.

Live at 2100 CEST on Friday 15th – – Tega V2 too!

Watch out for the unboxing video on Carrypad later today.

Unboxing now live here!

5 Responses to “Galaxy Tab Live Open Video Review, Q&A Friday 15th. (2100CEST)”

  1. Guy says:

    I’m so excited about this tablet, will be joining you later but will miss the beginning.

  2. mikeeeee says:

    how good is the GPS?

    in conjuntion with googlenav.

  3. Onetrack says:

    Definatitely like to see this as I have some questions – which timezone is once I figure out the difference between CEST and PST that is.. 😀

  4. Phaze0085 says:

    Hey guys I was watch the review videos you did on the tab, everything looks great so far, really good review. You really showed off a lot of the Tabs good features. I have a few questions really, both I’m not sure if you’ll be able to answer but as they say ” it never hurts to ask “. Well I was wondering if you knew whether or not an unlocked Galaxy Tab will be able to make voice calls over AT&T’s band width? And also, its a really small question, do you think they will ever change the color of the Tab to an all black model? I cant imagine that white back is going to stay beautiful forever. Well, thank you for your time, have a good one.

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