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Opera Tease Tablet Browser

Posted on 04 January 2011 By Guy

You have to love this time of the year, CES is starting and companies are providing all sorts of sneak peaks into what they have been working on to keep our gadget appetites suitably moistened.

Opera haven’t disappointed with quick preview of a new version of their popular mobile browser designed specifically for tablets. Announced on the Opera blog, this new version appears to be tailored for the larger screens of tablets.

Opera used the Samsung Galaxy Tab to preview the browser meaning an Android version is certain although I also suspect an iOS version for the iPad will be announced, especially with the rumored iPad2 looming for sometime this year.

As you can see the browser uses Operas visual bookmarks layout called Speed Dial and appears to run smoothly on the Galaxy Tab although its hardly surprising given the hardware.

As far as I am aware this will be the first browser customised specifically for tablets so it should be interesting to see what other features Opera can pack into this new edition to differentiate it from the vanilla mobile version.

Via jkOnTheRun

2 Responses to “Opera Tease Tablet Browser”

  1. Ante says:

    Running Opera 10.1 on my Galaxy Tab.
    It’s looks like that and have pinch zoom and visual bookmarks

    What’s special about this?

  2. Guy says:

    A good question and one we will find out during CES!

    There must be some features to part this edition from the standard mobile edition you are currently using.