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Notion Ink Shows the Adam Unboxing Experience–Box Doubles as a Stand!

Posted on 21 January 2011 By Ben Lang

Over at Notion Ink’s official blog Rohan Shravan (CEO) has posted pictures of the shipping progress and several photos of the Adam being unboxed. They’ve done something neat here and actually put a bit of thought into the box that the Adam comes in. The box can function as a simple stand for the device which I think is a great idea. I always find it a shame when companies use nice materials for the boxes of their products, but in the end you can’t do much with it once you take your device out of it. I hope that Notion Ink’s little stand/box idea finds its way to other companies. Check out the unboxing below:

6 Responses to “Notion Ink Shows the Adam Unboxing Experience–Box Doubles as a Stand!”

  1. chippy says:

    I find that somehow quite comical. Eco friendly and yet usable once or twice before it collapses !

  2. John Q. Public says:

    That’s things gotta have the record for largest bezel in a tablet computer. It’s pretty chunky too. Probably would have been cool if it had been released about 6 months ago. But now? I’d rather wait for the Honeycomb devices.

  3. chippy says:

    That’s exactly what i’m thinking (and said on our podcast.

    I wonder if Honeycomb has undone all their hard work.

  4. Chuck Daly says:

    I see it differently. The unit ships with a sleek and unique UI, but has the capability of having honeycomb added whenever it becomes available. Either from Notion Ink or someone else.

  5. alan says:

    I agree. Too much bezel and too thick. The UI was nice when it was first announced but now, not so much.

  6. CaTiC says:

    Yep, now that we’ve seen tidbits of Honeycomb, it makes little sense not to wait – at least till MWC… Still, there’s the Pixel Qi screen…