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Galaxy Tab Keyboard Case

Posted on 01 March 2011 By Steve Chippy Paine

There are rows and rows of accessory manufacturers at every computing expo and much of it is the same stuff over and over again. This Bluetooth keyboard case for the Galaxy Tab stood out though.

Galaxy Tab Keyboard (6) Galaxy Tab Keyboard

Galaxy Tab Keyboard (2)

Galaxy Tab Keyboard (3).jpg Galaxy Tab Keyboard (4).jpg Galaxy Tab Keyboard (5).jpg

Galaxy Tab Keyboard (1).jpg

The keyboard was a rubber membrane design and in my short test I recon it was faster than thumb typing but you do need to concentrate hard. Still, it’s a nice little compact solution if you’re looking to assemble a smart-book-like device.

Rosen Groups, Shenzen, China are the people you need to contact if you fancy importing a box of these at $27.50 a piece. If you do, put me down for one please!

You’ll also find a few other images in the gallery and check out their website for more info and stay tuned because we might be popping back to check out their Galaxy Tab stands and chargers too

6 Responses to “Galaxy Tab Keyboard Case”

  1. Ales says:

    Chippy, for what is worth, you can get it here, for a bit more:

    Although I don’t really understand why would you want a “rubber” keyboard. I haven’t tried it but I doubt it would be a good typing experience, probably something like an old ZX Spectrum computer 20+ years ago…

  2. Steve says:

    Any way to find out if this will work with Sprint and Verizon Galaxy Tabs? From what I’ve seen those two carrier’s Tabs won’t work with normal Bluetooth keyboards.

  3. says:

    Whats up with US carriers and bluetooth?!

  4. chippy says:

    Ah. Good to have reseller details. Thanks.

  5. John says:

    The photos in the gallery are of two different devices (keyboard layout not the same). What gives?
    I definitely like the ultra skinny keyboard, but don’t think I would want to add all the baggage related to the case.

  6. David says:

    I purchased one of these keyboard case at the beginning of February from Brando once I first became aware of them. I have finally received the device yesterday.

    It has been quite a disappointment, but I suppose I should have expected that at the price of US$60. Although the case is advertised as genuine Leather, it feels and smells artificial to me. The Galaxy Tab doesn’t sit straight in the case and it also isn’t secured adequately.

    However, it is the keyboard that it is most disappointing. If I had know that it was a rubber keyboard and not a proper keyboard, I wouldn’t have bought it.