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Intel Smartphone Hands-On. Video, Perf Test

Posted on 10 January 2012 By Steve Chippy Paine

The Intel Smartphone is here at CES and we’ve just had hands-on. It’s running a Medfield-based platform (Intel Atom Z2460 – 1.6Ghz with Hyperthreading) with Android 2.x


The design is a certified reference design connected to the AT&T network here and the Android build includes all the Google goodness too. We tested a few apps and responsiveness was good. The phone comes with micro-USB and micro-HDMI ports and the video is hardware accelerated. The 4” 1024×600 screen doesn’t make the design at all bulky.

As for performance, we’re getting the idea that this could be a scorcher. A Sunspider test here resulted in 1290ms – and remember that’s with Android 2.x. We saw some video and game demos too and they were all smooth. Scroll down for a video hands-on with the Intel Smartphone.



Hands On Video

3 Responses to “Intel Smartphone Hands-On. Video, Perf Test”

  1. Nils Jakobi says:

    WoW this is very snappy. Good coded or really powerful.

  2. says:

    Nothing on battery life?

  3. leo starckx says:

    Looks to be very useful smartphone but what putting on the marketplace so I could get my hands on it, surely I am not the only one asking for it