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Updates across the Carrypad network

Posted on 09 April 2014 By Steve Chippy Paine

We’re cleaning the Carrypad network and as a result you’ll see some changes. Gone is the old tablet product database that was hosted at as has a lot of the content. Carrypad, the site, might be down-sizing but Carrypad, the company, isn’t. We’ve cleaned-up a lot of our minor activities in order to focus on one area: ultra-mobile PCs. That includes Windows-based tablets and 2-in-1s at UMPCPortal and lightweight laptop PCs at Ultrabooknews. One keyword underpins everything – Expert. We have expert content focused at experts in the community. That’s likely to be you if you’re interested in any of these ultra-mobile solutions. We’ll keep any on on the way the market is moving so you’ll see coverage of low-cost, Android and IOS and Windows Phone solutions but our main coverage will be on the PC products, the technologies and the useful software and accessories that go with it. Touch, sensors, wireless communications, docking, modular solutions, 2-in-1, tablet, low-energy, dual-os and more. for ultra mobile tablet PCs, modular and 2-in-1 solutions. for ultra mobile notebook solutions.



Our product database is undergoing a few updates during this period too. We’re bringing in some more resource in order to keep things up to date and we’re working on some new features so as long as it’s a PC under 1.5KG, you should find it in the database either at Ultrabooknews or UMPCPortal.

At this point we need to say thank-you to all our readers. Since 2006 we’ve been having great conversations about ultra mobile computing in all it’s forms and it’s been fun. Thank-you for all your support. Long may it continue. Spread the word!

Don’t forget. Facebook pages exist for both sites here and here. Twitter accounts here and here. You’ll find me, Chippy, @chippy.

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