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WiFi-only Dell Streak 7 to Receive Honeycomb Update, 3G/4G Variant Being Left Behind with Android 2.2

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honeycomb streak 7According to our pal Jenn over at StreakSmart, the WiFi-only version of the Dell Streak 7 is set to receive an official update to Honeycomb next month.

Details haven’t emerged yet, such as which specific version of Honeycomb will be used and whether or not it will be customized or left stock. Jenn says the the update is expected to greatly increase the battery life of the device.

This is great news for Streak 7 owners, but it only applies to the WiFi-only version of the device. Apparently T-Mobile’s 3G/4G variant, which StreakSmart points out was recently discontinued, may never receive the update.

An alternative option to acquire Honeycomb is a custom ROM which is an unofficial software release that can be installed to your device if you’ve got the skills necessary. Jenn has a link to that ROM on her original post, go check it out.

Are you a WiFi-only Streak 7 user who’s excited for the Honeycomb Upgrade? Or perhaps a T-Mobiler who’s angry that your device wont be updated? Let us know in our Streak 7 forum.

Dell Roadmap Leak Shows a June Release for the Streak Pro 10 Inch Tablet

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A leaked Dell Tablet roadmap has revealed three new touchscreen devices may be released this year starting with an Android 10 inch tablet in June.

The leak mentions the Android based 10 inch Dell Streak Pro, a third generation convertible XT tablet (Windows based, and not so portable given that it will probably weigh is excess of 2 KG’s), and the Latitude ST which will run an Intel Oak Trail processor and Windows 7.

According to the leak the new Streak Pro will run a Tegra T25 dual-core A9 (1.2GHz) chip which is a newer version than the Tegra we know from Tablets like the Xoom. I currently use a Viewsonic G-Tab and Motorola Atrix 4G (both with the current Tegra 2) and I’ve been very happy with the performance of both, although the roadmap indicates an overly on top of Android called Dell Stage 1.5 which hopefully won’t detract from the performance of the device. There’s also mention of USB host support (allowing it to access external drives via USB) which is a great feature as having support for this makes life with an Android device much easier.

In my opinion the original Streak [product page] occupied a difficult place in between devices as it was too big to be a phone but too small to be a tablet.  At 10 inches the Streak Pro is obviously positioned to compete with the iPad 2 [product page] and that’s a very hard market to compete in. If Dell can get the hardware, software, and features right it will make life a whole lot easier when it goes up against the current king of the 10 inch tablets.

Dell Streak 7 Android Tablet on the Way, WiFi Certification and Commercial Concept Leaks as Evidence

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Way back in February at MWC Chippy spoke with a Dell representative who confirmed that the Dell Streak (aka Mini 5) was one of a family of upcoming devices. Since then we saw leaked renders in April of a 7” and 10” Streak device courtesy of Engadget.

strreak wifiJump to almost 9 months later and we find a Streak device passing through WiFi certification (this actually happened back in November, but didn’t get uncovered until recently.) The device could be one of several different sizes of Streak devices, but a commercial concept leak from Engadget lets us assume that the device is in fact the forthcoming Dell Streak 7. Let’s also not overlook the fact that Streak Smart called out case designer, Vaja, for listing a 7” Streak on their website.

From the Engadget leak and the WiFi certification, we know that the Dell Streak 7 will be a 7” Android device that functions as a phone as well. It’ll also have WiFi b/g/n and a Gorilla Glass screen. The commercial concept also mentions a “blazing graphics card for on the go gaming” which could indicate some Nvidia Tegra integration, but could also just be marketing speak for “Look, it plays games!”.

the original 5” Streak was already considered huge for a phone (and hasn’t quite taken off)… We’ll have to wait and see how people react to Dell expecting them to use a 7” device as a phone. Chances are, we’ll get a look at this device at CES 2011.

Dell Android on Intel or Not? Spot the Difference

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Related to the earlier news about Intel Atom Tablets, here’s a slide that went up at Cnet this morning.


And here’s the one that went up at Engadget this morning…


Spot the difference!

I’m guessing Intel made a mistake on the slide and updated it but the question is, does it mean anything?

Dell Streak Live Session Videos

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Here are the video recordings for the Dell Streak live session I did this evening. Thanks to the people in the chat room who asked questions, answered questions and corrected my errors! We had over 300 people drop in for the session. Note that Ustream playback features often get overloaded in the U.S. afternoon/evening so be patient!

Session 1, 17 mins, includes an overview of the device, specifications and some initial impressions.

Session 2, 50 minutes, includes an overview of the keyboard, browsing, video, music and camera.

More information on the Dell Streak in the information page.

Dell Working on Asian Version of the Streak, Flash Coming to the Device in Q4

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dell streak A little more Streak [Portal page] news out of the D: All Things Digital conference. Cnet has a video of Ron Garriques giving a brief demo of the Dell Streak in which Garriques says that Dell is working on a version of the Streak for the Asian market. Additionally, he says that Flash will be coming to the device in Q4 which means that it’ll be that long until owners see Android 2.2 on the device.

Dell Streak Available Next Month for $500 Unlocked

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streak Though Dell doesn’t seem to have yet found a US carrier to launch with, it looks like they’ll be selling the Dell Streak [Portal page] toward the end of June for $500, unlocked, from Dell.com. $500 is reasonable for an unsubsidized device of this caliber.

Jkk has already had some extensive hands-on time with the device.

Ronald G. Garriques was on hand to demonstrate the Streak at the Wall Street Journal’s D: All Things Digital conference where he stated the price and availability of the unlocked Streak.

The Dell Streak is also launching this month in Europe on the carrier O2.

Jkk Goes Hands-on with the Dell Streak (aka Mini 5)

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dell mini 5 jkk Jkk seems to have gotten his hands on the official European version of the Dell Streak [Portal page] (aka the Dell Mini 5) which launches soon in Europe. He has a thorough 24 minute video walkthrough with the device which you can find over at his site.

A few notes about the device from Jkk:

- I would like it to have a kick stand on it

– Dell UI is ok but I think I still would go with standard Android

– It should have a micro usb port for charging.. I hate carrying custom cables

– Waiting for Android 2.2 will feel looooong.

– Battery life seems better than I thought.. more testing needed..

And a few thoughts of my own after watching his walkthrough:

  • Headphone jack position couldn’t be worse. The device is already very big, if people are expected to walk around with the Dell Streak in their pocket, having a headphone jack stick out the side of the device while in the pocket will be very annoying.
  • The fact that the Dell Streak is only running Android 1.6 is really disappointing. This is what happens when you take months and months and months to get a product to market. Presumably it’ll get Android 2.2 eventually, but that won’t happen until Dell gets around to integrating their custom Android interface into 2.2, then deploying it to customers. The sad part is that the Dell Streak is as a disadvantage out of the gate, simply because it isn’t running the latest firmware.

Dell’s ARM-based MID and Netbook Roadmap shows Incompatible Moblin Option.

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dell android roadmap I don’t know where to start with this one but highlighting the incompatibility between Moblin and ARM-based devices is a good place too start and it gives us a hint that this might not be the huge and interesting MID and ‘smart’ book leak that it could have been.

The ‘roadmap’ picked up by Android Central shows three Dell MID devices. The 4.1” 640×480 (also marked up as WVGA) Thunder based on Windows Mobile/Android is the first. Then we have the 5” Streak which is being shown as having a Vodafone (Europe) variant. This is where the Moblin logo appears. The Looking Glass is shown with a 4:3 format screen (800×600) and finally there are a couple of ARM-based netbooks called ‘Sparta’ and Athens. Once again the Moblin logo appears.

Clearly this is an old internal roadmap showing a possible Moblin / Moorestown option for the devices and probably explains the ‘MID’ label. Clearly Intel weren’t ready for Dell so in this case, they lost out to Android and ARM.

Via Engadget.

Source: Android Central

Dell Mini 5 Gets a Ballpark Release Date, More Dell Mini Tablets Leaked, 7” and 10”

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dell minis Engadget has apparently received a leaked internal Dell announcement, as well as a few images of more upcoming devices in the Dell ‘Mini’ family. We knew that Dell was planning more devices than just the Dell Mini 5 [product page], and now we’re getting our first look at the rest of the family which includes 7” and 10” slates. I wouldn’t be one bit surprised if these are renders of the same device. We’ll likely see some changes before they make their way to the market. No specs have been shared at this time, but it should be safe to assume that the larger slates will be running Android and using the ARM platform, just as the Mini 5 is.

Engadget is also saying that the Dell Mini 5 (A.K.A. “Streak”) will be released sometime “later this summer”. There has been evidence in the past to suggest that AT&T will be the U.S. carrier for the Dell Mini 5.

Engadget Finally Let’s Loose with Pre-Production Dell Mini 5 Details

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mini 5 We showed you the other week that Engadget got their hands on a pre-production version of the Dell Mini 5 — they initially hooked us up with a nice gallery, but I’ve personally be waiting eagerly for a full list of thoughts, and according to the Mini 5’s popularity chart over in the product database, many of you have been too! Luckily, today is the day that Engadget has decided to grace us with additional Mini 5 info. They’ve done a pretty thorough write-up for a device which isn’t even ready for retail, but we can’t blame them — the Mini 5 is looking better every day. Be sure to watch the video walkthrough in their article, it’s the first thorough hands-on that we’ve seen (out of Dell’s hands) since back when the Mini 5 was known as the Dell Streak! Note the incredible vertical viewing angle at 1:10 in the video.

Dell Mini 5 Dock Shows Its Face

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mini 5 dock Or perhaps we should say base? Anyway, a Greek site has turned up the first look at the Dell Mini 5’s dock. The dock has HDMI out as well as USB port (likely to power the unit and transfer files from a computer) The Mini 5 [Product page] will be able to do 720p video as stated and demonstrated at MWC earlier in the week and the HDMI will help you get that to an HDTV. There is a rather peculiar video, on said Greek site, in which we get a look at the sleek dock. Unfortunately the camera doesn’t get up close and personal.

Hopefully the dock is either very inexpensive (bundled with the unit perhaps?) or offers some sort of functionality that hasn’t yet been revealed. It seems silly not have built HDMI directly into the device, but perhaps Dell is trying to squeeze some extra money out of those that want to use the device as a portable HD player.

via Engadget

Dell Mini 5 Hands-On at MWC: One of ‘a family.’

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Dell Mini 5 Pt1_0001

As expected, the Dell Mini 5 was available for hands-on at the Pepcom event at Mobile World Congress and we wasted no time in getting our hands as near to the device as possible. Dell Are being a little careful about handing it out right now which means the software probably isn’t ready but in the demo and Q&A we had with Dell we resolved some of the outstanding questions.

Video notes:

  • The Dell Mini 5 is one of a family of devices.
  • Available with and without 3G
  • Available through carriers and the Dell online shop. (Or at least, that’s the intention)
  • Full Google Android experience.
  • Tailored UI with widgets
  • Media support for H.264 and other codecs. (Although we didn’t get the impression that Dell are targeting this as an Archos 5-killer in that respect.)
  • Facebook and contacts integration looked good.
  • On Pricing, Dell say they will address ‘price points that customers are interested in.) We interpret this as meaning it will be very low cost with carrier subsidy.
  • Very nice hand-holdable form factor and weight. Almost exactly the same look and feel as the Archos 5 Android tablet.
  • Availability will be ‘by summer.’ We estimate this as June, July timeframe but this could just be for the first carrier-supplied versions. It could take a while for the device to roll out globally.

Overall we’re impressed with the specifications and build of the Dell Mini 5, optimistic about pricing  but will reserve judgment on battery life until we’ve had a good chance to test it. The 5.5Wh battery just doesnt sound like it’s ready for all-day action.

Dell Mini 5 Shown Around at MWC, Will be Able to do 720p Output

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dell mini 5 We knew that Dell would have the Mini 5 [Product page] at MWC and it looks like Netbooknews.com has one of the first looks. Not really any new info, but the device being showed off looks extremely slick, and it is likely very near its production form (if not already there). The person giving the demo mentions that the device will be able to play back 720p video and even output at that resolution through a dock which will have an HDMI connector.

The speaker says that we’ll see the Dell Mini 5 this year, and “sooner rather than later.” He also goes on to say that the general model for smartphones these days is a subsidy to make them affordable and that Dell would stick with said model.

Follow the Dell Mini 5 Through Our Product Database

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dell mini 5 You might come to Carrypad for news on the latest and greatest devices in the MID segment, but if you haven’t taken a moment to familiarize yourself with our Product Database (hosted on our sister-site, UMPCPortal.com), now would be a great time to check it out. In short, we have dedicated pages for hundreds of devices (with the latest devices being added as they become known), and use these pages to collect all known info on each device as it becomes available. The Product Database can also be used to search for and compare devices to find one that is just right for you.

We frequently link to these pages when referencing devices to present you with a concise sheet of info that will enable you to quickly become familiar with a device that you may not have heard of or would like to know more about – you’ll find these links in brackets following the device’s name in our articles. For instance, using the Product Database to follow a hotly anticipated and upcoming device such as the Dell Mini 5 [Product Page] will make it easy for you to stay up to date on the most important facets of the device as they develop. You’ll find everything from specifications to a handy popularity chart. There is even a hand-picked list of important articles from around the web which has its own RSS feed for easy tracking.

Also, don’t miss the top 10 chart at the top of the Product Database which shows the relative popularity of the top devices in the database. Go give it a try!

Image for this post thanks to Engadget

New Dell Mini 5 Hands-On Photos and Video from Engadget

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Engadget has managed to get their hands on a pre-production Dell Mini 5 [Portal page] (aka Dell Streak or M101), and they’ve got a nice gallery of the device up on their site as well as a brief video. Hopefully they’ll drop some hands-on impressions later, but for now it’s pretty much just visual media. I’m most interested to see what they think of the off-centered QWERTY keyboard which is offset due to a seemingly always present numeric OSK — the keyboard could make or break this device. Check out a few shots below and jump over to Engadget for the full gallery and video.

dell mini 5 5 dell mini 5 dell mini 5 2dell mini 3

Dell Mini 5 to Appear at MWC

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We’ve just had confirmation that Dell will be presenting the Dell Mini 5 at the Mobile World Congress ‘Pepcom’ event in Barcelona, next Monday.

We’ll be at MWC next week so we’re already registered for this event and will be aiming to get you some pics, video, hands-on thoughts and of course, we’ll be watching out for pricing and availability announcements.


Also related to the Pepcom event we’ve heard that HP will be showing some ‘touch’ and ‘mobile’ devices including a ‘new 3G addition.’ Intel will be showing their range of mobile devices (we expect the Intel-based LG GW990 to be there.) Qualcom will also be showing their Mirasol display technology so it’s going to be a busy evening!

Watch out for posts later on Monday evening and Tuesday morning.

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