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Welcoming Jerry to the Carrypad Team

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cpTo make sure you’re getting the latest news and insight, we’re adding an additional member to the Carrypad team. Please join me in welcoming Jerry!

Jerry has already contributed several stories to the site and it’s about time we give him a proper introduction! I’ve asked Jerry to share a bit about himself so we can all become better acquainted; here’s what he has to say:

Hey, everybody! The Carrypad team has been gracious enough to allow me a bit of space to share some of my thoughts on tech. It is an amazing time to be part of the technoratti. The pace of announcements in mobile technology this year alone has been nothing less than staggering. I am both excited and humbled by the opportunity to share a brief opinion or two on the various devices, services, and companies that are forming and changing the world’s digital infrastructure. A little about my background is included below.

As a kid, I was a dreamer. I spent hours looking into the Radio Shack window, always dreaming of what I would do with a Tandy TRS-80 and all the peripherals I would buy. We were never able to afford that stuff then, so I kept myself busy learning BASIC (on my school’s Commodore 64s), Assembly language (on our Magnavox Odyssey 2), COBOL, and Pascal. By the time I got to undergrad, I was burnt out and had lost interest in computers and programming. When I went back to grad school 5 years later, and I had to buy a PC, that little kid from Radio Shack came out again. It’s been some 11 years, 26 laptops, 15 smartphones, and 13 Tablets/TabletPCs/UMPCs later. I have gladly joined the Carrypad team and hope that at least a little of my commentary is worthy of consideration.

Like a lot of you, I have gadgets that are long gone that I am very fond of. I wrote the majority of my grad school thesis on an NEC MobilePro 880. I was in full-time grad school having the time of my life. I also discovered the joy of getting out to a local coffee shop and doing some writing, so it is no wonder that after grad school was done, I still wanted that experience. That was about the time that blogging took off and, like a lemming, I joined the crowd. My exposure to mobile OS’ really took off when I picked my Palm Pre in the initial launch window. I already had some time with Blackberry OS and Windows Mobile; adding a third flavor to the mix gave me a little more depth perception on just what was going on in mobile. Of course that experience did not end well, but I have remained intensely interested in productivity on the go.

Some of my other favorite devices have been the Dell Inspiron 7500 (my first laptop), the Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium, and the Fujitsu Lifebook P2000.

What do I want to see in the next 5 years? I want to see companies, or at least one company, focus on mobile devices as productivity tools. I want robust office and creative apps made available for mobile devices in the 7 to 12 inch range. I want to see Microsoft Office deployed across multiple mobile OS’ with near perfect document compatibility. Oh, and I want to see a retail-available, central-hub, cloud server device for the home that requires little to no configuration. Yes, I know, I can spin one of those on my own by re-purposing an old laptop or desktop. But I want to see it as an out of the box experience that is secure and does not require loads of effort to administer it, and has hooks for Android, Blackberry OS, Windows Phone, iOS, and WebOS.

I currently live in central Virginia with my wife and our dog, Bones, where I work as a Systems Engineering Manager for a local company. I have an undergrad in History, and a graduate degree in Financial Management. I am also enrolled in a Software Engineering Masters program at the Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey.

I look forward to hearing from everyone in the comments and hope we have some great dialogue about tech and the things that make it happen!

Current gear: Asus G73 (Best Buy version), HP Pavilion dv6-3052nr, HP Envy 14 (Febuary 2011 edition), HP EliteBook 2730p (on its way out),System76 Starling, Motorola Xoom 3G, Acer Iconia Tab A500, Apple iPad 64GB 3G+WiFi, Dell Streak 7 4GAmazon Kindle WiFi, HTC Evo 3D,Samsung Nexus S 4G, Novatel  MiFi 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot

You can find Jerry’s personal blog here, and if you’re interested in micro-updates, find him on twitter @GearWERKZ

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