The original Carrypad site is now closed but the Carrypad database currently supports three websites focused on low-cost, mobile and secure computing. You’ll find Windows-based tablets and 2-in-1s at UMPCPortal, lightweight laptop PCs at Ultrabooknews and Chromebooks at Chromebookworld.

One keyword underpins everything – Expert. We have expert content focused at experts in the community. That’s probably you!

We’ll focus on on the market developments, the technology and give you a database of products from which you can choose a solution.  Click the images below to visit our sites. for ultramobile PCs, and 2-in-1 solutions under 2.8 pounds / 1.3 KG for ultra mobile notebook solutions.


ultrabooknews for Chromebooks and the Chromebook product database.



We would like to say thank-you to all our readers. Since Feb 2006 we’ve been having great conversations about mobile computing in all it’s forms and it’s been fun and informative. Thank-you for all your support. Long may it continue. Spread the word!

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