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Powerful, Value, Acer Liquid (A1) Now Available in EU. Review from FRAndroid.

Posted on 09 December 2009 By Steve Chippy Paine

The Milestone/Droid and iPhone 3GS are already with us and showing the way forward for powerful, dynamic and fun smartphones. But what if you’ don’t want to pay 450-800 Euros for a phone?

The Acer A1 Liquid is offering high-power (768Mhz Snapdragon platform), big screen, Android-based capability for an early price of just 360 Euros. That’s a price we expect to drop down to the low 300’s before long making it a real bargain. When did you last see a 3G-capable, WVGA capacitive touch, 5Mp, high-power platform with a huge application library for that sort of price?

Obviously the Liquid could fall flat on its face if it fails to offer the quality that’s expected and that’s what we’ve been looking for in the first reviews. Frandroid is one of the first and via a translation we’ve been able to pick out some important points.

Image via Frandroid

A video review is embedded below but you’ll probably pick up more from the translation which highlights tight battery life and size as negative points. It is indeed a rather chunky device but if you’re looking for a good value, all-day high-end smartphone, it’s still an important one to have on the toplist, especially if you’re looking to get into the world of high-powered Android devices.

Outstanding questions for us:

  • Camera quality
  • Haptic feedback
  • Actual battery life figures

8 Responses to “Powerful, Value, Acer Liquid (A1) Now Available in EU. Review from FRAndroid.”

  1. johnkzin says:

    Right now, my main interest in Android phones is the LG GW620 (5 row keyboard, even if that’s not a dpad on the face, it has arrow keys on the keyboard).

    Even if it doesn’t end up with US 3G of any kind, I could still use it for a GSM/EDGE phone on T-Mobile USA. But, I am hoping to see it with T-Mobile USA GSM.

  2. johnkzin says:

    that last “GSM” should have been “3G” :-}

  3. Chippy says:

    Aha. The N97 mini of Android phones. That should make a very good value day-to-day phone. Let us know how you get on.

  4. Joe says:

    We manufacture the extended battery ( 3100mAh) for Acer liquid
    High end product brand name MUGEN POWER! It will be in the market in mid May.


  5. I would really love to have one of those – I’ll reward my self with one on Christmas.

  6. Is this one available on the US? I would love to have one of that..

  7. France Dayne says:

    Amazing gadget! How I wish I could have one of it! Really dream come true!